Be a MUSA, invest in my comfort, my sexy and our future.

MUSA contributes to a more transparent banana- and fashion industry, in which women from the banana plantations as well as our customers are comfortable and feel ready to conquer the day. MUSA is realizing this vision by developing her own banana textile lingerie line that breathes three values: my comfort, my sexy, and our future.


From this mantra, MUSA designed her first collection of banana undies!


This January, it is possible for you to invest in the future of MUSA and her mission. This can be done by pre-ordering one of the first three designs.


Let's invest in:


My sexy

Our vision is that you discover you’re sexy by loving your body, your dreams, and your ‘flaws’. Sexy is for everyone, for everybody.


We break the taboo’s around the ‘idealized’ body. Actually, your body is our idealized body. However, it looks.


We celebrate all bodies through, our designs, talks, and events. We find it important to create a place where you can discover your own sexy, your personal freedom and break some taboos while we’re at it.

My comfort

Every woman should be able to feel comfortable! For us, this means comfortable undies. Regular underwear can be uncomfortable, made of fabrics with microplastics, irritating and cutting into your skin.  


Also, what about the discomfort of not knowing who made your underwear and in which conditions.

We can change that!

We work with the best fabric for embracing your intimate zones, with our banana textile we design a comfortable experience throughout the day. We produce our undies locally here in the Netherlands, with good working conditions and fair pay. Your undie will be made by women for women.

MUSA intimates strive to create comfort for every woman working for us. This way we give you a comfortable buying experience.

    Our future

    Schermafbeelding 2021-11-24 om 18.12.41.png


    We believe in wearing our (sexy) way to the future!

    The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in our world. They are responsible for 10% of our total CO2 emissions, fast fashion is producing more and more waste products and unethical working conditions keep violating human rights.


    As a company, we are dedicated to natural products, environmental & social impact, and transparent communication.

    We create value from waste, the most sustainable way! We create textile from the additional waste created at the large-scale banana production. The fibers of the pseudo-stem are extracted and become our textile.

    In addition to the uniqueness of banana textile, the extraction of fibers from the pseudo-stem offers a new social-economic value and income stream for the banana farmers and their employees. We have plans to specifically support women at these farmlands. In this way, MUSA creates our future.