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We are seven young entrepreneurial women. In our daily life we loooove spending time on fashion, but we also have a great affinity in subjects such as femininity, feminism, sex, sustainability and fashion. Put those together and search for sustainable lingerie, you get a notification saying: error.

In our early twenties, we know better than anyone what it is like to grow from girl to young woman today. In the transition from girl to woman, there are many changes within the female body. Uncertainties come into play, ignorance makes it easy to compare yourself to unrealistic images and to deal with inequality. You can carry these factors with you for a long time. Because we have experienced this ourselves, we think it is important to draw attention to this and to use MUSA intimates to spread the message:

The story of MUSA

We people often experience the discomfort of uncomfortable lingerie and lingerie brands. That strap, which leaves red marks on your hip or shoulder, that string that chafes around your intimate areas, or that fabric that irritates your vagina. You notice these inconveniences all day long, it demands your attention, which you would rather not spend. In addition, the unrealistic beauty ideal displayed on the platforms of these lingerie brands and the irritations mentioned above, not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but also insecure.


If you are a human looking for a better and sustainable alternative, your options are limited. Often the search for an alternative leads to a simple, boring cotton slip.

This is anything but what a strong young entrepreneurial human would want to wear. We want to feel confident and comfortable about our purchases and lingerie and be able to make a sustainable choice.




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