"The comfortable you is the ideal you"

We, people who identify as women, often experience the discomfort of uncomfortable lingerie and lingerie brands. That strap, which leaves red marks on your hip or shoulder, that string that chafes around your intimate areas, or that fabric that irritates your vulva. You notice these inconveniences all day long, it demands your attention, which you would rather not spend. In addition, the unrealistic beauty ideal displayed on the platforms of these lingerie brands and the annoyances mentioned above, not only make you feel uncomfortable but also insecure.


If you are a woman looking for a better and sustainable alternative, your options are limited. Often the search for an alternative leads to a simple, boring cotton slip.

This is anything but what a strong woman would want to wear. We want to feel confident and comfortable about our purchases and lingerie. Besides we need to be able to make a sustainable choice.


"With our undies made from the banana textile we design a comfortable experience through the day. We believe in wearing lingerie our (sexy) way to the future."