Intimates Talks 

For MUSA intimates, the most important way to break taboos is to raise topics by talking with each other. Not only do we do this by discussing this online, but also by applying it in practice. To achieve this, MUSA organizes the online and offline events:


MUSA talks (offline)

During these talks we invite different women and men to create a panel discussion. Each edition has its own topic that is current and deserves to be featured. The panel moderator will submit subjects to the other panel members and they will share their opinion on this. It is important that the public also feels free to respond to this. In addition, it is important that the panel radiates diversity. This is important for MUSA intimates because the subjects concern every woman. This gives the panel different perspectives, making it more attractive for the public to listen and participate in the discussions.


Did you know we also do Business talks? 

No upcoming events at the moment

Intimates Sessions (online)

Due to the corona crisis, offline events aren’t possible. However, MUSA wants to give people a voice and let them be heard. Especially in these ‘dark days’ where expressing yourself is a lot more complicated. Intimates Sessions are inspiring, uplifting, online events where we learn, talk and discuss various themes.


Let’s get intimate!