Business Talks

Over the past two years, MUSA intimates has been able to develop in various areas. Developing our own supply chain with the alternative textile made from bananas has taught us a lot about sustainability and its application. ⁠

We have achieved this by working together with a multidisciplinary team. Although MUSA is still on her journey towards sustainable undies, we've recently been sharing our experience and knowledge through ‘MUSA business talks’. This has been great!⁠ Our team looks forward to exchanging the value of the MUSA story.


The knowledge of MUSA intimates is widely applicable, the MUSA team can help you with the following topics:


  • Multidisciplinair collaborations; 

  • Sustainability in product & supply chain;

  • Creative proces;

  • Marketing and social media strategies. 


For more information, get in touch, and let's talk!


Did you know we also do Intimate talks?