Banana textile

The undie’s of MUSA intimates are made from banana textile. The MUSA plant is already grown for the consumption of bananas. After 12-14 months the bananas are harvested, the plant is cut down. The cut-down stems from the banana plants have no purpose and are left as waste.

MUSA intimates gives this waste product a new purpose! Within the first three months, the fiber from the banana plant stem is the strongest. First, we need to release all the water that is stored in the banana stems. We achieve this by pressing the banana stem through our press.

After the water is removed from the stems. We can start extracting the fibers by scraping away the outer layer. This way, we reach the softest fibers inside the banana stem. The fibers extracted from the stem are air-dried in the sun.  The banana fibers are mixed with organic cotton to create a textile that is perfect for lingerie. 


The textile is made from 60% banana fiber and 40% organic cotton. From the yarn, we create a textile. The yarns are knit into a jersey, which gives the textile its stretch and comfort. 

The MUSA undie goes into production in European countries such as The Netherlands and Portugal, where a good working environment is essential, and the products are sown with care.  The underwear is dipped in a natural dye bath to get its bright blue indigo or orange madder color.

The panties are made of banana textile, because who wouldn't want a banana between their legs?

MUSA intimates is the first lingerie brand made from bananas!  



I feel you, but

How does it look?

When the undie has passed the quality check, it will be sent to you by an environmentally friendly shipping company in recycled packaging.  The soft feeling of our MUSA banana undies will give you all the comfort you need to conquer the day! 


Our dream is to make the MUSA undie biodegradable: putting it back into the ground, so there’s room for a new banana plant to grow. Creating a completely circular product!