The panties are made of banana textile, because who wouldn't want a banana between their legs?


The MUSA intimates briefs are manufactured with banana textile, one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world. Banana textile is made from a fiber that comes from the trunk of the banana tree. It has similarities with silk, but differs from it in four exceptional areas: it breathes, cools, is water-repellent and recyclable.


Besides embracing the intimate zones, this alternative textile is also sustainable. It is made from waste residues from the banana tree, more specifically: the "pseudo trunk" of the banana tree. This banana tree lives only once and starts to bloom around the age of nine months, three months later the fruits are ripe. The tree is cut down immediately after picking the fruit - nothing is done with these remains.


MUSA intimates makes underwear from the waste residues, so the plant is used optimally: for food and for clothing purposes.

There are several ways to separate the fibers from the trunk and turn it into thread. Many of these methods use chemical processes that do not benefit the environment. But at MUSA intimates, we prefer a natural method where all layers of the tree trunk are worked with a knife until only the fibers remain. These are in turn dried, twisted together using an ancient Japanese turning technique and woven into fabric.

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